Thursday, November 15, 2012

Protect Your Curing Medical Marijuana From Humidity and Light With the CVault by FreshStor

Source: Lee G. Leissett

There are many factors that contribute to making high quality medical marijuana. Throughout the life of the plant, careful consideration is taken to ensure desirable atmospheric conditions. Growers spend loads of money and countless hours of their time in an attempt to master lighting, ventilation, nutrients, and water within their grow rooms.

The true professionals understand that in order to produce the highest quality product they must also master the drying and curing process. Medical marijuana grown to perfection can be destroyed by intense light or objectionable atmospheric conditions throughout the curing process.

Medical marijuana in many ways is like fine wine that can get better with age. In order to maintain its quality and enhance its flavor, dried medical marijuana should be stored in a relative humidity of 60-65%. This ensures the plant material is neither too dry nor too wet and allows for a continued slow curing process which converts the remaining starch into sugars. It is these sugars that give medical marijuana a sweet, smooth flavor.

The CVault by FreshStor is a revolutionary product for storing and curing medical marijuana. The quality of dried medical marijuana depreciates for two main reasons: improper humidity and light. Medical marijuana cured in low humidity conditions will be brittle and have an undesirable flavor and smell. THC and other cannabinoids deteriorate when dried medical marijuana is exposed to light.

FreshStor addresses both of these common problems. The CVault is completely impenetrable by light, constructed of 18/10 food grade stainless steel, and has a 1/4 inch silicone seal to ensure the container is airtight.

On the inside of the lid is a specially designed holder for the Boveda/Humidipak. The Boveda/Humidipak is a patented two-way humidity technology that adjusts humidity dependent on temperature. The packet either adds or removes moisture to maintain a consistent 62% relative humidity within the Cvault.

Thank you, FreshStor, for creating an inexpensive, extremely effective way to ensure proper humidity levels for medical marijuana storage. Beginners and professionals alike can now receive all the benefits of slowly cured medical marijuana. The CVault protects and maintains the hard earned quality of your crop; allowing you to impress even the most critical of connoisseurs.

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