Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Lollipop Girls, The performance phenomena of 2012

Today almost every young girl passes through the "I want to be a singer" phase at one point in her life. Sometimes they may even go as far as recording a youtube video in the hopes of getting "discovered" like Justin Bieber or maybe an audition for "American Idol". Dreams sold on the backs of long shots longer than the lottery, even if they're great. There's no shortcut to professional training to grab and hold your audience.

9 year old Ava von Lipinski, founding member of the Lollipop Band along with Jordan Mckenzie and Camille Taggart decided to do things a lot different by focusing on the entire act including covers as well as their own material. The result, sweeping 1st place awards in every contest that they get near, standing room only performances wherever they perform.

The music business today is far more about the performance than music alone since virtually anyone can autotune and release a cheezy CD. It takes a lot of hard work combined with a natural ability to perform to standing ovations and that is just what the Lollipop Girls plan to continue doing. Catch them on their first cross country tour this summer as they board Via Rail to perform at 10 city rail stations on board their special Lollipop cabin.

A Lollipop show is high energy featuring amazing dance routines and age appropriate material suitable for the entire family. In the coming months you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more of the "Lollipop Girls", Cherry, Apple, Raspberry, Peaches and Mango. Don't miss this opportunity to see them live or on youtube. Sorry, you won't see them on any TV talent shows.