Saturday, June 1, 2013

CVault container sales skyrocket due to cannabis legalization. Study shows zero THC loss in 6 months.

Trending Newswire Reports: The Cvault (cannabis vault) is a device used by herbal enthusiasts for storage with humidity stabilization in mind. The CVault container is tailor designed to contain Boveda humidity control packs which maintain the internal container humidity to around 62%. Amidst this niche market segment, the CVault has been hailed by the underground community as a legendary curing and cannabis storage container. Thousands of users across the web from Youtube and cannabis message boards speculate about weather the CVault is the ultimate contender as the foremost high end cannabis container.

A report published by The Werc Shop, Inc. a team of California Ph.D. scientists dedicated to setting the standard in clean effective cannabis medications, and regulating accuracy and product quality, has been made public April 29, 2013, which examines the CVaults stability. The report studies the stability and performance of the CVault container system for the storage of medical cannabis. Werc Shop designed a suitable testing protocol to inspect the CVault performance.

The test results revealed the amazing stability of the CValut over more than 160 days. Freshly dried flowers remained fresh upon storage in the CVault container when including the 62% Boveda pack. The Werc Shop reviewed data from a digital logger that captured the relative humidity readings throughout the experiment. The CVault was consistently stable throughout the experiment, only varying while being opened, even when the ambient conditions in the room fluxed through considerable variability. No THC was lost on the plant material kept inside of the CVault over 160 days of storage. This is a remarkable accomplishment, and impacts the growers associations and pot industry overall.

"Sales of the CVault have skyrocketed since the legalization of cannabis" reports Cvault's director of social media, May Levy. "This Four Twenty we saw triple the volume of last year." April 20 is a big day in the business, as the statistic of Americans who have smoked cannabis totaling more than 100 million. "The report from Werc plus all our awesome CVault customers out there spreading the buzz, have caused enormous sales growth this quarter." Levy reports. The companies plans to expand include additional sizes added to the companies already diverse product line which includes pocket and desk sized CVaults, to industrial mammoth sized units to support varied needs.

The Werc study showed conclusively, that Medical cannabis stored in the CVault remains exceptionally stable over long periods of time as exhibited by this independently performed study that lasted 168 days. Minimal weight loss due to evaporation of water was observed and no THC loss was shown to occur. Werc certified the CVault as a headline awardee of the "Certified Cannabaceuticals™" status. The program helps ensure quality and safety of medical cannabis products.

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