Monday, May 19, 2014

What are your tires trying to tell you?

No tires do not speak, but they have an awful lot to tell you about the condition of your car.  Your vehicles tires can provide information on your suspension, chassis/frame, and even your driving habits. A thorough inspection of the tire can save you money even. Proper inflation promotes better gas mileage. It also can help you catch a suspension issue before it gets out of hand. Worn tie rods, bushings,ball joints etc., can cause uneven wear.  Another often overlooked way to save yourself money is when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. Checking the tires can indicate several things.  
1.Tire wear can give you an idea as to how the car was driven.
 Only driven to Sunday services. Never abused.
2.It can provide signs that you should have the suspension and frame checked by a certified professional such as your local Brake-O-Rama. Frame or chassis damage can reveal itself by causing uneven or choppy wear on tires. 3.The tires can show you how the car was maintained. If the tires appear neglected one can make the reach that the rest of the vehicle likely was as well. Below are a few illustrations of different tire wear patterns that have a story to tell. If you don’t speak tire you can always take your car to any of the convenient Brake-O-Rama ( locations to have your tires checked. The staff is well versed in the language. We also provide used car and truck pre-sale inspections at a very reasonable rate. In the event a tire replacement is in order don’t worry. We have tires in stock starting at just $59.99 (plus install and sales tax)